Quick Green

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Quick Green

Superior availability

As compared to other phosphorous products, this 14-20-0 high phosphate fertilizer offers unsurpassed availability at lower temps. Need to grow turf super-fast in cooler temperatures? Look no further than Quick Green!

Lightning fast lateral growth

Quick Green also includes a powerful biostimulant component that promotes lateral growth in turf. It’s the perfect product to add to recovery sprays for any area where you need to quickly boost density of the turf canopy. For speedy lateral growth, Quick Green is your go-to solution!

Extremely versatile

Quick Green can be used for aeration recovery, newly seeded areas or anywhere else you need turf to grow super-fast. It’s also the ideal product to green up turf in the spring. When the soil gets cool in the winter, the plant has a hard time absorbing phosphorous from the soil. Quick Green helps the plant wake up from the winter and get growing!

I’ve used two other foliar product lines in the past and neither of them has been able to create greens that hold up to extreme stress like Turf Fuel. I’m amazed how my color, rooting, and overall plant health is this good in a season that has been this stressful.

—Mark Pappas, Whispering Willows GC, Livonia, MI

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Quick Green is a 14-20-0 high phosphate fertilizer that offers lightning fast lateral growth. This innovative product is perfect for aeration recovery, grow-ins, overseeding or any other area that requires extra phosphate and speedy growth. Get growing FAST with Quick Green!

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