Carbon 21

Strengthen roots and power up your turf

Carbon 21

Get energized

Carbon 21 is a high-powered, carbon, carbohydrate and amino acid rich product formulated to energize your turf. As plant carbohydrate demands increase, Carbon 21 provides the energy needed for processes like respiration and protein production.

Remarkable root growth

This carbon rich fertilizer and biostimulant significantly increases root production. The end result is a tough-as-nails root system and super-strong turf.

Superior strength

This powerful product maximizes plant energy production, leading to an overall tougher plant. Prepare your turf for extreme heat, drought, wear and tear, shade and other stressors with Carbon 21.

Products used to hit the leaf in spots, but now you can literally see the product coat the leaf! Needless to say, Helix is a great product and when my guys are excited, I am excited.

—Josh Wise, GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Inc., Acw

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Carbon 21 is a powerful carbon, carbohydrate and amino acid rich formulation designed to create stronger, more resilient turf. This carbon rich fertilizer and biostimulant enhances maximizes energy and boosts root production. It all comes together to create tough yet beautiful turf.

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