Greens Phite Supreme

Build strength and knock out plant stress

Greens Phite Supreme

Unbeatable plant strength

Get tough with Greens Phite Supreme. This pioneering phosphite product with 3% silica redefines plant strength and stress resistance. The product’s plant available silica (PASS) hardens plant cells for superior strength while the phosphite internally triggers the turf’s defense mechanisms. It all comes together to create phenomenally tough turf.

Unrivaled resistance to stress and disease

Greens Phite Supreme boosts the plant’s defense mechanisms, resulting in tough-as-nails turf. With Greens Phite Supreme, turf becomes remarkably resistant to disease and stress, including drought stress, heat stress, sodium stress, wear and tear and more.

Unique silica solution

Most manufacturers offer a phosphite product—but only Greens Phite Supreme from Turf Fuel includes a 3% silica solution. This distinctive plant available silica (PASS) hardens plant cells, resulting in super-strong turf. Toughen up your turf with Greens Phite Supreme.

Since I grew this golf course in 15 years ago I have never seen my greens respond to foliar nutritional applications the way they do to Turf Fuel applications. The response is remarkable and noticeable within hours!

—Rod Gaffney, Buffer Park GC, Indianapolis, IN

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Greens Phite Supreme with plant available silica (PASS) redefines plant strength and stress resistance. Including our unique 3% silica solution and abundant phosphite, Greens Phite Supreme boosts turf strength, promotes plant health and improves wear tolerance. This innovative product also makes turf phenomenally resistant to plant stress and disease.

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