Photo Fuel

Ready to soak up the sun and grow top-notch turf?

Photo Fuel

Superior sun absorption

Photo Fuel is specially designed to enhance photosynthesis in plants. This innovative product includes all the key nutrients the plant needs to structurally build solar panels, allowing it to absorb more sunlight, create more chlorophyll and make more food. It all adds up to create tougher, more vigorous turf.

Ultimate resistance

Photo Fuel is powered by Nutrifense® and two plant-based biostimulant components, which come together to trigger the plant’s natural defense system and help turf stand strong against plant stress and disease. For top turf quality, turn to Photo Fuel.

Healthier, more vibrant turf

Photo Fuel enhances photosynthesis while helping plants build defenses against stress and disease. The net result is more plant energy and improved turf color and health.

I can't believe how great my rooting is right now. My two problem greens are no longer problems and my turf is doing outstanding during a very rough summer. Turf Fuel has definitely made my greens stronger!

—Wes Hershberger, North Star Golf Club, Sunbury, OH

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Photo Fuel is the fuel your turf needs to soak up the sun. This cutting edge solution isn’t your typical 12-0-0 product. Photo Fuel enhances photosynthesis and improves turf health and color, all while boosting plant defenses. Fortified with Nutrifense® and two plant-based biostimulant components, Photo Fuel leads to remarkably vigorous, energetic and beautiful turf.

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