Fuel for both plant & soil


Synergy between plant and soil for the best performance possible

VERTICAL™  works vertically from the rhizosphere to the tips of leaf blades creating a never before synergy between plant and soil. In the soil VERTICAL’s unique three part organic acid blend drives incredible nutrient availability while providing a food source for beneficial microorganisms. VERTICAL is a unique formulation of rich organic material blended with a proprietary sugar complex, potassium chelated with carbon, a Turf Fuel-only rooting technology and our university tested Nutrifense™ technology. VERTICAL will make both your plant and soil healthier than ever.

I can't believe how great my rooting is right now. My two problem greens are no longer problems and my turf is doing outstanding during a very rough summer. Turf Fuel has definitely made my greens stronger!

—Wes Hershberger, North Star Golf Club, Sunbury, OH

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Powered by Nutrifense, VERTICAL instantly gives treated plants a better chance of survival against intense stress. This university tested technology supplies plants with needed resources for fighting stress while activating powerful plant defense systems. Once activated, these systems work to thicken cell walls, initiate new growth and build awesome plant health.

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