Lessen 11

Supply calcium and mitigate sodium stress

Lessen 11

Move sodium away from roots

Lessen 11's 7% acidified calcium works to physically move sodium from soil colloids and allows the sodium to then be relocated beyond the root zone with irrigation water or rain. Calcium is much larger in size than sodium and has the unique ability of displacing sodium’s position in the soil.

Optimized for maximum sodium removal

Lessen 11 contains an acidified calcium. This means you see the benefit of the 7% calcium in Lessen 11 and also the benefit of additional calcium as this acid-form “frees up” additional calcium in the root zone.

Better rooting, better water efficiency

Nothing deteriorates a healthy root system like the negative impact of excess sodium. By removing harmful sodium from the root zone with Lessen 11 you enable your turf to be better equipped to handle the stress and pressure of any growing season.

Products used to hit the leaf in spots, but now you can literally see the product coat the leaf! Needless to say, Helix is a great product and when my guys are excited, I am excited.

—Josh Wise, GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Inc., Acw

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The best way to rid your soil of excess sodium is with calcium applications. Lessen 11 was built to lessen the amount of sodium (the eleventh element on the periodic table) from your root zone with acidified calcium, a small amount of penetrating surfactant for proper calcium placement, and a biostimulant group and silica for maximum stress recovery. You may not be able to do anything about the sodium level in your irrigation water but now you can effectively do something about the sodium level in your root zone.

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