Soil Hydration and Plant Health Surfactant


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Consistent Soil Hydration

The combination of four traditional surfactant polymers fortified with Diuturon™ technology provides predictable and consistent soil hydration.

Manages Plant Stress

Infinite contains Templar™ , which enhances plant stress tolerance.

Lower Rates/ Longer Residual

Diuturon™ technology is a robust patent pending polymer that extends the longevity and reduces the application rates of Infinite.


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I’ve used two other foliar product lines in the past and neither of them has been able to create greens that hold up to extreme stress like Turf Fuel. I’m amazed how my color, rooting, and overall plant health is this good in a season that has been this stressful.

—Mark Pappas, Whispering Willows GC, Livonia, MI

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Infinite provides unparalleled reduction in turf stress caused from heat and drought. Infinite uses 5 surfactant components to provide a complex web of soil hydration. Infinite makes soil hydration consistent and predictable, ensuring optimal soil hydration under all conditions. 

Managing water is the most important and often most difficult thing about managing quality turf.  Contact us today to learn more about Infinite!

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