Moisture Magnet

Moisture Retention Aid

Moisture Magnet

Keep the Water Where you Want It

When water is applied, Moisture Magnet’s unique polymer will encapsulate and hold water until it is needed by the turf. It slowly releases incremental amount of moisture providing a steady amount to the soil and plant roots. This release is based on the use rate and will extend or provide well needed moisture between irrigation cycles. Perfect for areas with poor irrigation coverage, steep slopes and difficult soils.

Get Water to the Roots

A common problem in Turf and Ornamental watering is the tendency for soils to repel water. Moisture Magnet has a power penetrating agent to drive that water past the thatch, past compacted layers and get it to the root area so the plant can use it.

Use it your way

Moisture Magnet is available in a liquid and granular formula. Choose the formula that works best for your landscape, your equipment and your staff. Both formulas contain the same unique polymer-penetrant complex.
The granular formula includes a dry material that holds up to seven times its weight in water, leaving a long lasting particle to absorb and release water for years to come.

The results from the Turf Fuel Recovery Program were very impressive with steady root development, strong growth, and a dense canopy.

—Jason Kubel, TPC Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay, FL

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Moisture Magnet is a multi-component system with both holding and penetrating properties. Available in both liquid and dry form, Moisture Magnet improves irrigation efficiency and maintains soil moisture levels between irrigation cycles. Great for bunker faces, home lawns or other areas requiring moisture retention.

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