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Fuel Log 1.0

Most of us know photosynthesis is the basis for all life on our planet. Photosynthesis is the process of turning carbon into plant energy and takes place in the chloroplast. The formula is simple but the process can be complicated, especially when environmental conditions are not favorable. It all begins ...

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Fuel Log 2.0

Let’s look at the first part of the photosynthetic equation and talk about what could go wrong. Carbon dioxide is plentiful in our atmosphere but can still be a limiting factor in the plant’s ability to perform photosynthesis. CO2 enters the plant through small openings on the under side of leaves known as stomates. When conditions are right stomates open and CO2 enters the plant. Believe it or not ...

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Fuel Log 3.0

Lets take a look at the role nutrients play in photosynthesis and how they can limit overall performance. Just as the plant requires CO2 and water, nutrients play a pivotal role in the success or failure of photosynthesis. At the start...

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Fuel Log 4.0

The nutritional requirement for photosynthesis, respiration, and protein production can be intense to say the least. Just like an endurance athlete, the plant needs fuel. What about the soil? It’s true soil tests sometimes show a good deal of nutrient content in the soil but the challenge lies in nutrient availability and potential for root uptake. Most modern golf putting surfaces sit atop a sand based greens mix or a native soil with a cap of years worth of topdressing sand mix covering it. The result...

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Products used to hit the leaf in spots, but now you can literally see the product coat the leaf! Needless to say, Helix is a great product and when my guys are excited, I am excited.

—Josh Wise, GrassRoots Tree and Turf Care Inc., Acw