Turf Fuel’s Base products are a collection of key NPK concepts designed to fit the nutritional needs of any turf manager growing either cool-or warm-season turf. We’ve combined key macronutrients with a robust biostimulant portfolio to optimize plant strength and resiliency even under the most stressful growing conditions.

Base K26

0-0-26 A high K formulation utilizing ultra safe and highly absorbed potassium acetate fortified with proprietary G2D™ biostimulant technology.

Quick Green

14-20-0 A high phosphate biostimulant fertilizer derived from ammonium polyphosphate and urea ammonium nitrate. Perfect for new establishment, winter damage recovery, aeration recovery, and spring green-up.

Root Down 18-0-0

Root Down 18-0-0 is a combination of acidified nitrogen, micronutrients and a strategic amount of surfactant.

Base N25

25-0-0 A core nitrogen product with 40% slow release via urea triazine. Fortified with proprietary G2D™ biostimulant technology.