Solutions for Poor Rooting


XChange is a powerful soil conditioner designed to enhance root growth and mitigate a multitude of plant stresses. University research has proven when humic acid, sea kelp, and salicylic acid are combined significant increases in plant health and root quality occur.

Base K26

0-0-26 A high K formulation utilizing ultra safe and highly absorbed potassium acetate fortified with proprietary G2D™ biostimulant technology.

Carbon 21

Pure plant energy. Carbohydrates, amino acids, fulvic acid, potassium, and a proprietary blend of organic acids and vitamins. Carbon 21 fuels root growth and plant protein production.

Element 6

WITH NUTRIFENSE™ Provides plants with the components needed for turf strength conditioning, maximum energy generation and root production. Powered by university proven NUTRIFENSE™ technology.

Respo Fuel

WITH NUTRIFENSE™ Extreme stress prevention and mitigation with foliar calcium, sea kelp, silica, copper, salicylic acid and our proprietary SAR initiator NUTRIFENSE™. A must have for intensely managed turf!