plant vigor restoration

Element 6

6 powerful elements unite to create tough-as-nails turf

Increased plant vigor. Powered by Nutrifense™

Element 6 is fueled by our exclusive university-proven Nutrifense™ technology. Nutrifense combines biodaptive compounds, SAR elicitors, salicylic acid and extracted beneficial plant chemistry to create shockingly resilient plants—even when exposed to heat stress, wear and tear and drought.

Remarkable root growth

This carbon rich fertilizer and biostimulant significantly increases root production by altering plant biochemistry. The end result is increased plant vigor – a robust root system and super-strong turf.

Energy & strength

This powerful product maximizes plant energy production, leading to an overall tougher plant. Prepare your turf for extreme heat, drought, wear and tear, shade and other stressors with Element 6.


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Since I grew this golf course in 15 years ago I have never seen my greens respond to foliar nutritional applications the way they do to Turf Fuel applications. The response is remarkable and noticeable within hours!
— Rod Gaffney, Buffer Park GC, Indianapolis, IN

A high-powered, carbon, carbohydrate and amino acid rich formulation, Element 6 creates a stronger, more resilient plant that can effectively combat stress and pathogens. This carbon rich fertilizer and biostimulant enhances turf strength, maximizes energy generation and boosts root production. It all comes together to create a tough-as-nails root system and remarkably resilient turf.

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