Solutions for Low Energy

Mic Drop

MIC DROP is a blend of comprehensive micronutrients, a proprietary sugar package, root-driving sea kelp, and carbon, all powered by our REACTION™ technology. Designed for optimal nutrient absorption, MIC DROP delivers intense, long lasting color while enhancing the biology in any soil.

Carbon 21

Pure plant energy. Carbohydrates, amino acids, fulvic acid, potassium, and a proprietary blend of organic acids and vitamins. Carbon 21 fuels root growth and plant protein production.

Photo Fuel

12-0-0 WITH NUTRIFENSE™ Enhances photosynthesis through nutrition and biostimulation. Contains two plant-based biostimulants along with out proprietary defense activator NUTRIFENSE™.

Element 6

WITH NUTRIFENSE™ Provides plants with the components needed for turf strength conditioning, maximum energy generation and root production. Powered by university proven NUTRIFENSE™ technology.