Fuel Log 3.0 – Photosynthesis Nutrients

So we’ve learned how photosynthesis and energy (carbohydrate) production can suffer from many variables. Lets take a look at the role nutrients play in photosynthesis and how they can limit overall performance. Just as the plant requires CO2 and water, nutrients play a pivotal role in the success or failure of photosynthesis. At the start, manganese assimilates CO2 for photosynthesis. Before the plant can even begin energy production manganese prepares CO2 for its transition into carbohydrate. We know a plant leaf absorbs sunlight to produce energy and that sunlight is absorbed by the chlorophyll molecules. A chlorophyll molecule consists of a magnesium ion surrounded by four nitrogen ions. Ever wonder why grass turns green when you spray iron on it? Iron provides the “electricity” needed to connect a magnesium to four nitrogens and build chlorophyll molecules. Did I mention chlorophyll is the green part of a plant? In review, we now know the plant needs manganese, magnesium, nitrogen, and iron. What some may not know is if the plant is to use nitrogen that nitrogen must first be made available to the plant by yet another nutrient. Molybdenum reduces nitrate to nitrite and provides the plant with nitrogen for chlorophyll molecule construction. Sulfur and copper are needed for nitrogen stability and utilization. The list goes on and on. Things get really intense when you look at the interrelationships between nutrients and how the presence of one effects the availability of another. Think back to how molybdenum reduced nitrogen or how magnesium is essential for nitrogen metabolism. When it comes to photosynthesis the plant needs much more than just CO2, water, and light.

Can a foliar nutritional product enhance a process like photosynthesis? Of course it can and that product is Photo Fuel by Turf Fuel. Photo Fuel contains the key nutrients involved in photosynthesis. Photo Fuel contains 12% nitrogen to be a component of the chlorophyll molecule. Photo Fuel contains .25% magnesium, the center of a chlorophyll molecule. Photo Fuel contains 4% iron to power the connection between the magnesium and the nitrogens in a chlorophyll molecule. Photo Fuel contains 1% manganese to prepare (assimilate) CO2 for photosynthesis. Finally Photo Fuel contains .15% copper and .04% molybdenum for increased nitrogen availability and utilization. Additionally a proprietary blend of natural plant based extracts is added to mitigate stress and root loss resulting in increased levels of photosynthesis. Lastly, NutrifenseTM is added as a SAR promoter to stimulate a natural resistance to stress throughout the plant.

Photosynthesis can be a challenging process for a multitude of reasons beyond the turf managers control. Photo Fuel gives foliar feeding programs a needed edge by enhancing photosynthesis through nutrition and biostimulation. Take the guesswork out of the nutritional side of photosynthesis with Photo Fuel by Turf Fuel.