Turf Fuel Solutions


The pride that lawn care professionals have in their customer’s lawns is only surpassed by the pride the home owner has in their own lawn. An attractive, healthy and durable lawn gives a bold statement of vitality, care and performance. Turf Fuel’s Best Lawn on the Block program is sure to turn heads, impress the... Read More


Everyone wants to peak for the championship. Whether it is your member guest event, a league semi-final, or a televised sporting event, we want to give your players and fans something special. Turf Fuel’s Championship Ready program will provide the ultimate in durability, consistency and overall appearance.


In the southern United States, winter is the season for play even though the weather isn’t alway favourable for plant health. The name of the game is maintaining turf growth, recovery, color and visor during the winter playing season. Turf Fuel’s Warm Season Winter program provides highly available forms of nutrients, biostimulants and potent energy... Read More

LOW N ™ High Energy

The vitality of turf plants and their key functions are dependent on the energy reserves they have. Sunlight, CO2, chlorophyll content, water and plant stress all impact how much energy is produced through photosynthesis. Additional nitrogen will cause the plant to consume more stored energy than desired. Turf Fuel’s Low N – High Energy program... Read More

COMPLETE™ Plant & Soil Health

It is common knowledge that a healthy soil environment contributes to a healthy plant. When we tend to soil health and plant health, you can expect the highest performing turf surfaces. Turf Fuel’s Complete Plant and Soil Health program provides the essential nutrients and biostimulants for day to day turf performance while feeding the soil... Read More

Winter Hardiness™

Give your turf the best chance of survival and spring performance with biweekly applications of Turf Fuel’s University proven Winter Hardiness Program. Turf Fuel’s Element 6® and Base K26™ treated turf had the highest percentage of regrowth 20 days after removal from either 40 or 60 days of ice cover.

Summer Endurance™

During the spring, turf thrives and performs at it’s highest level. Once the temperature and humidity rise, energy, stress tolerance and density bleed out of the plant as heat stress sets in. Turf Fuel’s Summer endurance program delivers the critical nutrients and energy forms to help turf sustain optimum quality right through the dog days.

Soil Reboot™

Leading into the heat of the growing season, soils need a reboot. Use Turf Fuel’s CTRL+ALT-DEL program to remove contaminants, remediate organic buildup, dissolve chemical layering, and recharge the root zone.

Rapid Recovery™

Discover Turf Fuel’s Rapid Recovery protocol. A combination of premium products targeting lateral growth, energy production, and maximized recovery. Proven to increase the rate of new turf establishment and overall health and resilience.

SPRING GREEN UP Chlorophyll Builder

Spring color can be tough to create sometimes, especially when Mother Nature is working against you. Turf Fuel’s Spring Green Up program is filled with key ingredients to promote chlorophyll production and incredible color. This program works best with some sunshine and air temperatures greater than 45 F. Multiple applications may be necessary depending on... Read More

Drought 911™

When soil drought conditions show up, Turf Fuel’s Drought 911 program is the quickest way to get turf back on track. Flushing contaminants and providing adequate hydration gets your turf back to full recovery in a hurry.

Bicarb and Sodium Removal ™

Increasing water movement, soluble calcium and acidification is the name of the game when it comes to managing soils affected by high bicarbonates and sodium. Turf Fuel’s three way punch provides those strategies from different angles.

Balanced Hydration™

Preparing for the season by applying strategic applications, allows for consistent hydration all season long. With the flexibility to deliver surface conditions that meet the player’s expectations and the plant health needs, Turf Fuel’s Balanced Hydration program puts the turf manager in the drivers seat.