Vanquish Tablets

Specifically designed to improve the penetration and dispersion of hand watering and the spot treatment of severely affected areas through proper hose-end applicators.

Moisture Magnet

Moisture Magnet is a multi-component system with both holding and penetrating properties. Available in both liquid and dry form, Moisture Magnet improves irrigation efficiency and maintains soil moisture levels between irrigation cycles.


Abyss is a premium penetrant built to provide unmatched soil moisture management. Abyss’ anionic formulation delivers uniform infiltration powered by a super-penetrant and rewetting agent across a wide variety of soil types. When water movement is needed, Abyss is the solution.


IRRIGATION AID An elite formulation, specific to influencing moisture across a diverse range of soils. When irrigation and moisture events can not meet your turf demands, no other product pushes, pulls and holds moisture like Aquanox.


TREATMENT/RECOVERY Perfect for recovery from LDS and hydrophobic drought stress. Fast at reducing the symptoms of hydrophobic soils by providing hydration and rehydration across the root zone.


(SODIUM & BICARBONATE MGT) D-Solve is a proprietary blend of strong, yet safe acids designed to solubilize exchangeable calcium, dissolve bicarbonate layering, and ultimately move sodium from soil colloids. A powerful tool for those suffering from high sodium or high bicarbonate irrigation water.


120 DAY PREVENTATIVE The most dynamic long term soil surfactant available. University proven to provide 120 days prevention against LDS, even during exceptional summers. Flexible application rates and timing, provide options to meet your economic demands for quality turf.


S4 (SOLVENT SOIL SURFACTANT SYSTEM) An aggressive penetrating agent, S4 solubilizes organic coating reducing the direct cause of LDS and HDC.

The Kraken

30 DAY PREVENTATIVE Premier soil surfactant, providing tournament quality playing conditions. Built around two advanced polymers, fortified with Turf Fuels S4 solvent. The Kraken attacks the symptoms of LDS and HDC.


A multipurpose soil surfactant to manage moisture and stress in all soil types and conditions. Includes Diutron™ and Templar™ technology.