seaweed humic acid


Enhance nutrients and strengthen roots

Unsurpassed nutrient availability

Formulated with a unique combination of humic acid, salicylic acid, iron and sea kelp, XChange enhances nutrient availability. Spray this innovative product into the soil and it makes nutrients that aren’t readily available suddenly very available. This promotes a better root system and mitigates stress.

Built upon brilliant research

XChange was created based upon top-notch research from Virginia Tech. The university research shows combining humic acid and sea kelp boosts the benefits of both components. The researchers also found that together sea kelp and humic acid and salicylic acid promote a strong root system and helps the plaint maintain high levels of antioxidants. We formulated XChange with all of these powerful ingredients.

Stronger roots = tougher turf

Not only does XChange promote a strong root system—but the humic acid component in this product also helps to buffer sodium in the soil profile. XChange also helps turf mitigate stress and disease. This results in remarkably resilient, healthy turf with a super-strong root system.

Since I grew this golf course in 15 years ago I have never seen my greens respond to foliar nutritional applications the way they do to Turf Fuel applications. The response is remarkable and noticeable within hours!
— Rod Gaffney, Buffer Park GC, Indianapolis, IN

Research from Virginia Tech shows that combining humic acid and sea kelp increases the beneficial qualities of both components. XChange is a powerful mixture of humic acid, sea kelp, iron, and salicylic acid formulated for increased nutrient availability, improved root growth and unrivaled resistance to plant stress. It all comes together to create extremely healthy soil and remarkably resilient turf.

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