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Respo Fuel

Beat the heat and drive root growth

Heat stress combatant

Respo Fuel is specially designed to help plants mitigate heat stress. This calcium-rich product allows the plant to go through the respiration process without having to metabolize so many carbohydrates. This drought resistant fertilizer shields the plant against heat stress while allowing it to conserve energy. Protect your turf against extreme heat and drought with Respo Fuel.

Superior resilience

Because Respo Fuel guards turf against heat stress, it leads to a remarkably resilient plant. Powered by 8% foliar calcium, root-driving biostimulants, salicylic acid, Nutrifense™ SAR promoter, copper and silica, Respo Fuel is expertly formulated to enhance plant health and strength.

Unbeatable root growth

Get to the root of the problem with Respo Fuel. This innovative solution is designed to drive root growth, leading to healthier, stronger turf.


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I can't believe how great my rooting is right now. My two problem greens are no longer problems and my turf is doing outstanding during a very rough summer. Turf Fuel has definitely made my greens stronger!
— Wes Hershberger, North Star Golf Club, Sunbury, OH

Respo Fuel is the fuel that drives top-notch turf. The flagship product of our foliar line, this solution is formulated to combat heat stress, enhance turf quality and drive root growth. This dynamic drought resistant fertilizer is powered by 8% foliar calcium, root driving biostimulants, salicylic acid, Nutrifense™ SAR promoter, copper and silica. Respo Fuel also includes kelp extracts, a natural source of nutrients and antioxidants. When the heat is on, fuel up with Respo Fuel.

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