spreader sticker adjuvant

Halo 90

Boost spray retention with a quick-wetting formula

Superior spray retentionspreader sticker adjuvant

A premium 90/10 spreader sticker adjuvant, HALO 90 drives spray drop retention through the roof.

Unbeatable uniform coverage

The low foaming, quick wetting formula of HALO 90 provides remarkably uniform coverage and fast wetting of leaf surface.

Perfect for wettable powders and tank mixes

When you’re tank-mixing multiple chemistries, look no further than HALO 90. A 90% ethoxylate/fatty acid surfactant spreader, HALO 90 is an exceptional choice for wettable powders.

I can't believe how great my rooting is right now. My two problem greens are no longer problems and my turf is doing outstanding during a very rough summer. Turf Fuel has definitely made my greens stronger!
— Wes Hershberger, North Star Golf Club, Sunbury, OH

Boost spray retention and enjoy unbeatably uniform coverage with HALO 90. This premium 90/10 spreader adjuvant was specially designed for wettable powders and multiple-component spray mixes. The low foaming, quick-wetting formula of HALO 90 offers consistent coverage, increased spray drop retention and lighting fast wetting of leaf surface. To top it off, HALO 90 often provides the best results with the minimum use rate!

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