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Optimize pesticide performance for top-notch turf

nonionic surfactantPremium pesticide performance

HELIX was specially formulated to maximize systemic pesticide uptake and performance. This best-in-class 100% non ionic surfactant increases spray deposition, reduces drift and improves cuticle penetration.

Superior safety

Play it safe with HELIX. This nonhazardous formulation activates fungicide performance while promoting high penetration levels, reducing drift and improving deposition—all while protecting your surroundings.

Just right for tank mixes

Expertly designed for systemic pesticides, HELIX is the perfect solution for tank mixes. To top it off, this superior non ionic surfactant improves coverage and retention of contact pesticides. Whether you’re tank mixing or using it as a stand-alone application, HELIX has all the right ingredients to power up your pesticide potential!


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Since I grew this golf course in 15 years ago I have never seen my greens respond to foliar nutritional applications the way they do to Turf Fuel applications. The response is remarkable and noticeable within hours!
— Rod Gaffney, Buffer Park GC, Indianapolis, IN

Ready to drive pesticide performance through the roof? Look no further than HELIX. This best-in-class 100% nonionic surfactant was expertly formulated to optimize systemic pesticide uptake and performance. HELIX is a safe formulation that increases spray deposition, reduces drift, and improves cuticle penetration. This premium product is perfect for tank mixes.

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