turf pigment

TS Pro Hulk

UVB pigment colorant

HULK is a novel concentrated green turf pigment that provides UV ray protection. Can be used on both courses and warm season grass is to help withstand heat stress and electromagnetic radiation. Can also be used on actively
growing turf to provide an enhanced dark green color. Typical use rate 1 gal covers 10,000-30,000ft2.

Since I grew this golf course in 15 years ago I have never seen my greens respond to foliar nutritional applications the way they do to Turf Fuel applications. The response is remarkable and noticeable within hours!
— Rod Gaffney, Buffer Park GC, Indianapolis, IN

By design, Hulk defends your turf from damaging UVB rays. Hulk’s dark, natural color promotes increased photosynthesis and a healthier plant.

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