Turf Fuel MasterClasses

The Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS webinars are a part of our Business Growth Webinar Series geared to golf course superintendents and lawn care operators. Webinars have ranged from technical turf presentations to panelist discussion on timely topics important to lawn and golf course professionals.

Upcoming Webinars

Turf Fuel Masterclass XXI: Game-Changing Strategies You Can Use to Improve Plant Fitness

Date: Thursday, Mar 23rd

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST

Join long-time industry expert and Turfgrass Pathologist Dr. John Dempsey and Steve “The Turf Fuel Guy” Loveday as they discuss the benefits in taking advantage of activating plant defense systems, optimizing plant nutrition, and ideal products and ingredients you’re not using but should be using.

Recorded Webinars


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Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS X - Four Ways To Step Up Your Soil & Plant Health Game
Turf Fuel Product Development Manager Steve Loveday has developed a new 'Assistant Superintendents Series' to discuss how to take control of your soil for the succession of your plant performance. This talk will focus on how ...
The True Value of Soil Surfactants in your Turf Program
We’ll take deep dive into to the cause of localized dry spots, how wetting agents work and are classified, and how application timing, spray volume and post-application irrigation affect products’ efficacy and specifically ...
Optimizing Plant Defenses to Enhance Turfgrass Stress Tolerance
Turfgrasses experience numerous abiotic stresses during the growing season, including extremes in temperature, water availability, and traffic. This presentation will focus on the plant physiological mechanisms that ...
60 Minutes that will change the way you think about turf and soil health
There’s a world of possibilities beneath our feet and optimizing the synergies between plant and soil can make all the difference when it comes to building turf that can survive almost anything! In this presentation we will ...
Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS IX - High Performance Nutrition in Sports Turf
In this episode of Turf Fuel Masterclass, Target Specialty Products will bring four of the leading minds in sports turf management together to discuss the challenges, solutions and successes they have had on their fields. ...
Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS VIII - Turf Health and Fungicides
Turf Fuel Product Development Manager Steve Loveday will give an in depth description of our new product line extension “Turf Fuel Reserve” and full coverage of the very first product to earn the Reserve badge. Join in to ...
Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS VII - The Importance of Foliar Adjuvant Use
Target Specialty Products is excited to bring you our seventh Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS on 'The Importance of Foliar Adjuvant Use.' Jim Turner, Turf Fuel's Specialty Product Development Manager, will give a detailed description ...
VI - PART II: Golfing Through Change with COVID-19
It will be three weeks since Part 1 of ‘Golfing Through Change with Covid-19’ and a lot has changed. Golf has opened up in several states. Golf course maintenance protocols and health and safety protocols have evolved. What ...
Turf Fuel MasterClass V: Part I - Golfing Through Change with COVID-19
Please join Target Specialty Products as our Roundtable of experts discusses Golfing Through Change with COVID-19. Join our expert panelists as we discuss managing golf course operations with best practices during COVID-19. ...
Turf Fuel MasterClass IV: Turf Stress and Stress Resistance
Steve Loveday , Product Development Manager for the Turf Fuel line, discusses basic plant functions including how plants react to stress, building plants that will fight back and understanding how plants defend themselves.
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