Turf Fuel MasterClasses

The Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS webinars are a part of our Business Growth Webinar Series geared to golf course superintendents and lawn care operators. Webinars have ranged from technical turf presentations to panelist discussion on timely topics important to lawn and golf course professionals.

Upcoming Webinars

Turf Fuel Masterclass XXI: Game-Changing Strategies You Can Use to Improve Plant Fitness

Date: Thursday, Mar 23rd

Time: 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM PST

Join long-time industry expert and Turfgrass Pathologist Dr. John Dempsey and Steve “The Turf Fuel Guy” Loveday as they discuss the benefits in taking advantage of activating plant defense systems, optimizing plant nutrition, and ideal products and ingredients you’re not using but should be using.

Recorded Webinars


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III - Insight from Masters of the Golf Industry
Target Specialty Products is bringing together four of the leading thought leaders of the golf management industry to discuss and debate trends, challenges and insight in our industry. The shared and opposing opinions of our ...
II - Precision Aeration Programming for Turf
How do you decide how often, when, with what and how deep to Aerate? Do you need to Aerate this fall? Dave Doherty, founder of the International Sports Turf Research Center will discuss what he has learned from twenty five ...
Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS I - Managing a Strong Foundation with Soil Physical Properties
Have you ever been asked why you aerify? Why do you do this practice one, two or three times a year? How do you decide which process to use? Dave Doherty is an expert in testing, diagnosing and prescribing precise solutions ...
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