Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS VIII – Turf Health and Fungicides

Turf Fuel MASTERCLASS VIII – Turf Health and Fungicides

Turf Fuel Product Development Manager Steve Loveday will give an in depth description of our new product line extension “Turf Fuel Reserve” and full coverage of the very first product to earn the Reserve badge. Join in to learn how this exciting new product technology unites plant and soil for incredible plant health.

Steve Loveday, the Product Development Manager for Target Specialty Products, earned his Bachelors of Science from Michigan State University and has worked in the golf industry for the past 25 years. Steve spent 9 years working in golf course management and maintenance prior to honing his skills in plant nutrition, biostimulation and defense activation. Steve has used his expertise to develop game changing nutritional and soil conditioning products over the past 8 years and has presented in multiple countries on topics associated with the maintenance of fine turf. Today Steve focuses on the discovery of innovative new technologies to improve plant health and resistance towards abiotic and biotic stress.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: With many traditional active ingredients coming under scrutiny, it has never been more important for superintendents to evaluate their turf disease management programs. This seminar will highlight fungicide rotation, review the different modes of action and fungicide phytomobility with the goal of helping to maximize applications while delaying or preventing fungicide resistance.

Paul Grotier began his career in turfgrass management at Hillsdale Golf & Country Club in Quebec. After earning his diploma at the University of Guelph, he joined the turf team at Rosedale Golf Club and later the Donalda Club, both located in Toronto, where he became an assistant superintendent. Paul transitioned to agronomic sales and support in 2010. Since then, he has been committed to continued learning and dedicates his time to helping turf professional find agronomic solutions. Paul is currently the Sales and Account Manager with Belchim Turf Protection Canada.


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