Turf Fuel Masterclass XVI: Plant Health, Protection, and Resistance to Optimize Disease Management Solutions

Turf Fuel Masterclass XVI: Plant Health, Protection, and Resistance to Optimize Disease Management Solutions

Join Target Specialty Products and a panelist of turf experts to hear all about the different perspectives on plant health, utilization of biostimulants as well as plant protection & resistance to optimize disease management solutions turf managers face on March 22nd at 9:00 – 11:00 am PST / 12:00 – 2:00 pm EST.

At the conclusion of the webinar, you will be invited to ask questions!

**CECs will be provided in select territories.**

Dr. Jim Kerns, Ph.D., Associate Professor & Extension Specialist of Turfgrass Pathology, North Carolina State University
Jim focuses on etiology, epidemiology, and management of diseases of both warm- and cool- season grasses. His research program focuses on understanding the biology of ultradwarf bermudagrass diseases, large patch of zoysiagrass, plant parasitic nematodes in turf and diseases of creeping bentgrass. Currently Jim’s program has focused on the movement of fungicides into root-zones following post-application irrigation.

Cameron M. Stephens, Ph.D., Technical Market Manager – Turf and Ornamentals, BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions
Cam is the Technical Market Manager on the Technical Service Team at BASF. Dr. Stephens holds a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from North Carolina State University, a M.S. in Agronomy from Penn State University, and a B.S. in Turfgrass Science from The Ohio State University. He studied various topics related to turfgrass management, turfgrass pathology, fungicide resistance, and the environmental fate of fungicides on golf courses. At BASF, Dr. Stephens is responsible for helping steward new solutions to the turf and ornamental industry.

Steve Loveday, Product Development Manager, Target Specialty Products – Turf Fuel Foliar and Soil Nutrition
Steve earned his Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University and has worked in the golf industry for the past 25 years. Steve spent 9 years working in golf course management and maintenance prior to honing his skills in plant nutrition, biostimulation and plant defense activation.


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