Turf Fuel Masterclass XX: 2022 Product Recap and Findings

Turf Fuel Masterclass XX: 2022 Product Recap and Findings

We receive plenty of questions about our most popular Turf Fuel products you’ve bought in 2022. Join Target Specialty Products’ Steve “The Turf Fuel Guy” Loveday at 10:30 PST/1:30 EST as he breaks down three of our popular Turf Fuel products many have asked about: Vertical, Mic Drop and Infinite. Steve shares his insights and feedback he’s taken from some of our clients and reps in the field since these products launched!

Steve will also share a sneak preview of some findings for the year, a popular discussion topic we will get more in-depth at Booth #1841 at GCSAA Orlando this February!

Attendee/s will be invited to ask questions at the conclusion of the presentation!

Steve Loveday, the Product Development Manager for Target Specialty Products, earned his Bachelors of Science from Michigan State University and has worked in the golf industry for the past 25 years. Steve spent 8 years working in golf course management and maintenance prior to honing his skills in plant nutrition, biostimulation and defense activation. Steve has used his expertise and education to develop game changing nutritional and soil conditioning products over the past 4 years and has presented in multiple countries on topics associated with the maintenance of fine turf. Today Steve focuses on the discovery of innovative new technologies to improve plant health and resistance towards abiotic and biotic stress.

Kindly note that Infinite is available for sale only in the United States where registration has been granted
by state regulators. We still encourage everyone to attend to learn about that products that are applicable to them.


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